Group coaching provides an important space for conversation, dialogue and reflection for small groups of professionals who give feedback and problem solve, led by a trained facilitator. The synergistic experience of being part of a peer learning process is at the heart of the group coaching experience. Reporting on self-directed goals at the next session provides accountability and a chance for celebration within a safe group. 

GROUP #1: Solutions for Women in Management

This group will focus on the challenges that often arise when you work as a professional who both supervises others, and is supervised. Along with discussion in a safe space, participants will be asked to set a goal from session to session and report back to the group. This group is perfect for women in any role, including but not limited to, those wondering how to lead your team with confidence and garner respect, how to strategically build relationships, manage up, get noticed by senior management, position yourself toward moving up, being assertive in positive ways, being recognized for excellent work and the like. Some sessions may have a specific focus and others will be open space to share and receive feedback. Limited to 6 participants per group. To register: click HERE

Tuesdays Noon – 1:30 pm

Nov. 5, 19

Dec 3, 17

Last session TBD

Required: Webcam, a quiet and private space, a good sense of humor, willingness to be honest, and a readiness to work hard!

Cost: $450.00 


I am an experienced coach, trained at St. Joseph’s University and certified by the International Coach Federation at the PCC level. I have worked with early and mid-career professionals for over 25 years and have helped my clients to successfully build their confidence, excel in leadership, skillfully master tough conversations and gain the confidence to work smarter and move up the ranks in their careers.

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