Team Coaching

TEAM COACHING can help groups communicate with a shared language, sharpen goals, design successful outcomes and practice skills to enhance productivity and creativity.

Within a confidential and safe space, shared conversations can:

·      nurture new ideas

·      uncover opportunities for collaboration and change

·      provide a platform for risk-taking and challenge

·      develop the courage to experiment and be brave

·      share new ideas and strategies for success

·      consider how we might shift our practice

In a group relationship, we can feel supported to try and encouraged when we fail. Together, we can weave connections into relationships, relationships into networks, and networks into powerful opportunities to make change within ourselves and in the world around us.

NEW Team Coaching opportunity:

Are you a solo business owner? Do you ever feel lonely at the top and wish you had a group of colleagues to share concerns with and brainstorm solutions?   ‘We’re Here for You’ meets virtually* every 3 weeks and is facilitated by Executive Coach Cheryl Magen. At each session, business owners are invited to share a challenge that the group will help solve and share an accomplishment that the group can help celebrate. Groups are limited to 10 members to create a safe, confidential and empowering group experience.


*Solo business owners in the Philadelphia area have the option for occasional in-person meetings.