Cheryl Magen was my most valuable asset during my recent job search. With a midlife career change, I needed to showcase my previous
unrelated work experience to my current job search. Cheryl’s expert coaching was instrumental in assisting me with the task of building connections
between these two worlds.

She was my sounding board, my editor and most importantly my strongest supporter. When the pressures of interviewing would mount, I could
always count on Cheryl to calm me, encourage and prepare me so that I was ready for whatever challenges came my way.
— Sherri M, Somerset, NJ
Cheryl’s honesty and wonderful sense of humor helped me get through some difficult work situations. She is always able to inspire me with creative ideas which have proved successful over and over again, and she constantly offers words of encouragement and support.
— Dani L, Greensboro, NC
Doesn’t everyone wish they had someone whom they could always call for advice, direction, and wisdom? This past year, Cheryl has been my mentor, my life coach, and in many ways, my inspiration. She has helped me navigate a difficult working environment with insight, understanding, and humor. She has challenged me in personal and professional ways, resulting in a tremendous amount of growth. As a result of Cheryl’s coaching, my experience, effectiveness, and success has risen to new heights.
— Nancy P, Orange, NJ
Cheryl is the calm and dynamic coach that everyone would benefit from having in their life. Her deep understanding of organizational and educational systems allowed me to discover specific ways to improve and advance. Her greatest gift has been to teach me how to analyze and approach a situation so that I can problem solve on my own. She also models the best practices of how people should treat one another and speak with each other.
— Andrea M., Philadelphia, PA
For five years as a CEO, Cheryl has been my professional guru. She is the first person I turn to for guidance and mentorship in all my professional endeavors and beyond. Her experience, sensitivity, and wealth of knowledge all blend together to serve as the best sounding board for self-discovery and organizational direction.
— Yonatan K, Gainesville, FL
Thank you so much for organizing and leading the career coaching workshop.
I learned a lot during the three days that you spent teaching, coaching, guiding, and cheerleading our group to a new and bright future. Your support in assisting us with our resumes and the interview process was invaluable. I am also grateful for the long hours that you put into this process and your availability after-hours. I appreciate the opportunity to have met you and look forward to an ongoing relationship where I can continue to learn from your expertise in the field.
— Margot Menes
I felt the coaching and support was crucial to my future success in finding a position that will reflect the quality of my education. I shudder to think of how I could have appeared to potential employers without Cheryl Magen’s incredible feedback and advice. I was truly blessed to have had this experience.
— Talya B.
The amount of love, warmth and support that I felt truly left me feeling more positive about myself and my career choice. Cheryl Magen has not only taught me more than I can ever put into words, but has also helped me to grow as an individual. The coaching experience has been a wonderful, stimulating, enriching, educational one.
— A. Antler
For me, the coaching was a good chance to identify the skills I need to polish up on as I begin my job search. I particularly enjoyed the mock interview, and found it invaluable to learn how to avoid being cornered with a “hot topic” question in an interview. It’s these “tricks of the trade” that will be critical in the upcoming months and throughout my career.
— Ivy S.
Cheryl Magen has been a great mentor and professional coach to me as a spiritual leader. She has spent countless hours listening to me present certain challenges within congregational life and then coach me to discover a strategy to move forward towards success. Cheryl is successful at what she does because she understands people, has a great work ethic and has many years of experience with organizations and leaders.
— Adam F, Princeton, NJ